For the Love of Vets

For the Love of Vets

  • Three Possible Reasons That A Cat May Overgroom

    Cats spend a lot of their waking hours grooming. When you own this type of pet, you've likely watched the cat lick itself and use its paws to wipe its body in different ways countless times. There can be certain times when the animal tends to overgroom itself, and this is often a warning sign that something is wrong. It's useful to have a rough idea of how much grooming your cat does, as this will help you to notice when the grooming sessions seem longer and more frequent than usual.

  • Veterinarian X-Ray Services

    Veterinarians use digital x-rays as a diagnostic tool. Images that are captured can reveal inflammation, tumors, fractures, and more. Dogs and cats occasionally endure an x-ray imaging session, upon the request of their primary veterinarian. X-Ray Use And Safety X-rays are used to determine internal injuries or ailments that cannot be detected with the naked eye. Radiation is used during an imaging session. The amount of radiation that is emitted will likely not be harmful to a pet.

  • Your Dog's Itching Could Be Caused By Mange That Needs Treatment From A Veterinarian

    If your dog is itching constantly and you don't see any fleas, the problem could be mange. This is a condition caused by tiny mites that infest your dog's hair follicles. Mange can become serious and make your dog miserable. The mites can even be spread to other pets and humans. A veterinarian can treat mange and bring your dog relief. Here are important things to know about mange in dogs.

  • What Does It Take To Be an Equine Veterinarian?

    If you think you would like a veterinarian job, you may want to look into a specialty field. One field to consider—especially if you like and have experience with horses—is equine medicine. Horses can be high-maintenance animals that require a lot of specific care and handling. Plus, they are often interesting to work with. Continue reading to learn more about becoming an equine veterinarian and what they do in a typical day.

  • What To Expect With Your Pet's First Veterinary Clinic

    If you have a pet, it's going to need to be seen by the veterinarian for an exam and checkup. Pets such as cats and dogs should be seen by the veterinarian for their immunizations and other shots to prevent disease and seen for routine exams as well. You may wonder what to expect with your pet's first veterinary exam, and you may be feeling apprehensive if it's your first time to the veterinary clinic as well.

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