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For the Love of Vets

What To Expect With Your Pet's First Veterinary Clinic

Erin Steeves

If you have a pet, it's going to need to be seen by the veterinarian for an exam and checkup. Pets such as cats and dogs should be seen by the veterinarian for their immunizations and other shots to prevent disease and seen for routine exams as well. You may wonder what to expect with your pet's first veterinary exam, and you may be feeling apprehensive if it's your first time to the veterinary clinic as well. Read on for a few things you can expect so you can be prepared for the visit.

Your Pet Needs A Leash Or A Crate

You'll need to keep your dog or cat on a leash, or inside of a crate to keep them away from the other pets inside of the clinic. Not all pets are going to be friendly, so it's best to keep them close by to prevent issues with other pets. If you have a hard time keeping your pet on a leash or close to you, a harness may be a better idea.

You May Need A Stool Sample

To help ensure your pet doesn't have heartworm or any other type of worms, a stool sample is going to be needed. Bring in a small baggie of the sample so it can be tested by the veterinary clinic. If you have a hard time getting a stool sample, let the clinic know this ahead of time, especially if your pet is having a difficult time having a bowel movement.

Your Pet Needs You To Be Calm

Your pet may not like going to the veterinary clinic too much, and to help them remain calm, you need to stay as calm as possible as well. If you are filled with anxiety, it is going to cause your pet to be filled with anxiety as well. Pets can feel your moods, so if you're worried or scared, they are going to be too. Remain calm to help your pet remain calm.

Your Pet Will Be Given A Thorough Exam

The veterinarian will see you in an exam room where an exam will take place. A thorough exam will take place, and your pet's ears, eyes, and mouth will be examined, as well as their heart and lungs. Your pet's belly will be felt for tumors and issues such as bloat. Your pet will be given any shots that are needed for immunizations. Throughout the exam, you will need to help hold your pet to keep them calm.

If you have pets, they are going to need to be seen by the veterinarian for regular exams every year. You should also take your pet to the veterinarian when they are having other health concerns or issues. 

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