For the Love of Vets

For the Love of Vets

  • A Responsible Pet Owner's Guide To Sudden Weight Changes

    Sudden changes in your pet's weight can be a cause for concern. They could indicate underlying health issues. Weight loss might stem from dental problems, parasites, or more serious conditions. On the other hand, rapid weight gain could result from overeating. Your pet could also have hidden medical concerns such as hypothyroidism. It's crucial to pay attention to your pet's weight and respond appropriately to any sudden shifts. Here are some ways you can keep an eye on your pet's weight.

  • Potential Reasons That Your Cat May Be Drooling

    If you have a dog and a cat, there's a good chance that you've seen your dog drool. Many dogs drool when they're waiting for their food, and while the drool can be slightly off-putting for some people, it's a fairly normal occurrence for this animal. It's a different situation altogether if you notice your cat drooling, however. In cats, drooling can often be a sign that something is wrong. Upon noticing drool coming from your cat's mouth, you should contact your animal hospital for guidance.

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Did you know that when a veterinarian graduates from veterinary school, they must take an oath before they are allowed to practice? This is similar to the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take upon graduating from medical school. The new vets promise that they will work to relieve animal suffering and promote the overall health of pets. They also promise to uphold their profession with dignity. If you have ever taken your pet to the vet, you've probably seen a vet live this oath firsthand. You can be confident your pet is in good hands. Learn more about vets and the wonderful work they do in the articles curated here.