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For the Love of Vets

Taking Proper Care Of Your Cat's Teeth

Erin Steeves

A lot of cat owners make the mistake of not tending to the dental care and hygiene of their cats. Some owners do this because they don't realize that cats need to have their dental care attended to the way humans and dogs do. Cats do often seem to be more independent and hardy and people often think of them as pets that would be able to take care of themselves if their owners weren't around. However, just because they may seem like this on the outside doesn't make it true. Cats do tend to hide their pain and will seem comfortable even when they are really uncomfortable. This is why, as a cat owner, it is your job to take care of their teeth even if they seem like they don't need you to. Here is more on cat dental care: 

Good dental care begins with proper nutrition

One of the best things you can do for your cat's teeth, as well as their overall well-being, is to make sure they are eating good-quality food. You want to feed them something that isn't full of fillers and that has the right amount of fats, proteins, oils, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. 

Get your cat used to having their teeth brushed

Most cat owners don't brush their cat's teeth. A lot of the time it's because they are scared of getting scratched the second they try to stick the toothbrush in their cat's mouth. You can talk to your vet about tips on how you can get your cat comfortable with having their teeth brushed. If this just isn't an option, then there are other options available your vet can discuss with you as well. 

Know how to spot the signs of dental issues in your cat

Since your cat may not let you know that they are having problems, you want to know what to look for in order to spot dental issues in your cat. One thing to watch for is bad breath, as this can be a sign of a dental issue going on. Also, make sure they are eating the same amount of food in the same timeframe they normally do. They may also paw at their mouth and/or drool. 

Take your cat in for routine dental care appointments

Talk to your cat's veterinarian about how often they would like to see your cat for dental exams and bring your cat in for those scheduled exams. This way, you'll make sure everything looks good. At this appointment, you can possibly have their teeth cleaned or have other dental procedures done as needed. To learn more, contact a cat dentist.


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