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For the Love of Vets

Reasons For Having Your Dog Properly Vaccinated

Erin Steeves

If you have a puppy then it is important for you to make sure they are given their vaccinations. As a puppy, they will need to have at least three sets of shots. They will need to have their booster shots in order to make sure they are in fact covered. Then, they are going to need to have their vaccinations once a year from that point on. Here are some of the reasons why dog vaccinations are so important: 

Your dog will be protected from many illnesses

The illnesses that the dog vaccinations protect your dog from are bad illnesses that can often be fatal. Another thing about the illnesses the vaccinations will protect your dog from is that most of them are extremely contagious. For example, parvo is a very serious illness that often kills the dogs that get it. Parvo is also very costly to treat, with a large number of the dogs that get quick treatment still passing away. 

Parvo is also extremely contagious. In fact, it will remain in the soil for a long time. In some cases, the parvo can last in the soil for many months and if the soil isn't in direct sunlight, then it can even survive in the soil for years. This means you can have one dog with parvo and years later, you may get another dog and that dog will be able to catch parvo from the soil in the backyard. A vaccination can protect your dog from getting this serious illness and prevent future dogs from getting it as well. 

Your dog will be able to access certain places

Another reason for making sure your dog is always up to date on their vaccinations is because you will have proof of their vaccinations in order to take them places where it will be required. A lot of places where pets go on a regular basis will require the owners to show that their dogs have been vaccinated so these serious illnesses don't spread. 

Dog boarding facilities are an example of places that will require you to show proof of current vaccinations before they will allow you to bring your dog to the facility in order for the dog to be boarded there. Also, places such as dog groomers will want to know that the dogs that come to be groomed have had their shots in order to protect all of the dogs that go there.

To learn more information about, reach out to a veterinarian near you that can teach you more about pet vaccination.


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