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Why You Might Need To Request No Socialization For Your Pet During A Boarding Visit

Erin Steeves

When you choose a suitable boarding service that will care for your pet dog while you're out of town, you generally want to pick one that will provide socialization time. Dogs are social animals, and while your pet should have some quiet time for resting, it can often benefit from time spent mixing with the other dogs at the boarding service. This concept might be the norm, but it's not always applicable to every client. There are some scenarios in which you might need to request that your dog doesn't get any socialization during its stay. Here are some examples.

The Dog Is Recovering From A Surgery

If your dog has recently had a surgical procedure, you'll ideally be able to stay at home with it until the healing is complete. Should you need to travel for work, however, you'll need to find a boarding service. This is definitely a time to request that your dog doesn't get any socialization at the boarding service. Dogs can sometimes play exuberantly with one another, and this could potentially cause your dog's stitches to tear or otherwise get damaged. Keeping the dog on its own so it can get plenty of rest will be best.

The Dog Is Timid

While most dogs love opportunities to socialize, this isn't the case for every canine. Some dogs have a timid personality and may get nervous when they're in the company of other dogs — especially those that they don't know. Dogs can be timid for a variety of reasons. If you've recently rescued a dog that has a history of abuse or neglect, it may have a timid personality. When dogs are timid, they can occasionally get aggressive — perhaps nipping at other dogs around them. For this reason, requesting no socialization is best when you're boarding a timid dog.

The Dog Is Elderly

Puppies often have boundless energy and relish opportunities to play with other dogs at boarding services. As a dog ages, its energy levels typically wane, which means that if you're boarding an elderly dog, it may not need much stimulation throughout the day. Instead, it may be happy to rest and to occasionally enjoy the company of one of the boarding service's staff members. If you know that your elderly dog doesn't generally like being around high-energy dogs, it can make sense to ask that it doesn't get socialization with other dogs during its boarding service stay.

Talk with the staff at a dog boarding service to learn more. 


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