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4 Everyday Items In Your Home That Can Be A Danger To Your Dog

Erin Steeves

There are dangers lurking in your home everywhere, but you may only see them as everyday items and nothing too harmful. Some of these things can be toxic or even lethal to your pooch. If you aren't sure what could be toxic, you should talk to your dog's veterinarian for helpful information. Read on for a few everyday items you should be aware of that can pose a danger to your dog.

1. Apple Seeds

Apple seeds can be toxic to your dog, leaving them ill with diarrhea, vomiting, or worse. If you are an apple eater, don't leave the cores out. Apples themselves are not harmful to your dog, but the seeds are dangerous. If you have apple trees in your yard, you need to do what you can to keep your dog away from them. Putting a fence between the dog and the trees can help. If you suspect your dog has eaten apple seeds, take them to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup. Let the veterinarian know that they may have eaten apple seeds.

2. Indoor Plants

Some indoor plants can be toxic to your dog. Plants such as palms, elephant ears or philodendron plants can all be toxic if ingested. These are just a few plants; it's best to look up your particular indoor plant to see if it is toxic, or you can ask your veterinarian about your plant. If your dog is curious or likes to chew on things, your indoor plant may become a victim of the chewing, and this can be a danger to your dog.

3. Cleaning Products

Cleaning products used around your home can pose a danger to your dog. If you leave anything out in the open, your dog can get ahold of it. Put up all cleaners so your dog is not able to get to these products. Again, if your dog is a chewer, they may attempt to chew on a bottle of bleach, for instance. Put these items away, and don't leave any cleaners or other household chemicals out where your dog can get to them.

4. Chocolate

If you are someone that likes to hide chocolate throughout your home in case you have a need for some extra sugar and your dog finds it, it can be toxic for your pet. If your children have chocolate in their bedrooms, it needs to be put somewhere that your dog cannot get to it. Put chocolate or other sweets in a cabinet where it belongs and out of your dog's reach.

If any of these household items are out where your dog can get to them, they can be a danger to your beloved pet. If your dog does get into any of these items, you need to take your dog to the veterinarian for an exam and for treatment.

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