For the Love of Vets

For the Love of Vets

What Veterinarian Services Does Your Dog Need?

Erin Steeves

You may take very good care of your dog, offering love and attention and food and exercise for your dog, but they're going to need something more than just these things. They will, at some point in time, need veterinarian services. Your dog is going to require things from the veterinarian that you aren't going to be able to give to them. Read on for a few of the services that are going to be needed.

1. Vaccinations

Your dog needs to be vaccinated in order to protect them from illnesses and diseases. Your dog could come in contact with a wild animal or a stray animal that is infected with a disease, and if the other animal bites or scratches your dog, they could be infected with the illness or disease, which may be fatal. Protect your dog by getting them vaccinated. Vaccinations for rabies, distemper, heartworm, and parvovirus are all important. Your veterinarian is going to schedule these vaccinations, and you should stick to the schedule that is given to you.

2. Grooming

Brushing your dog here and there is one thing, but taking your dog to the veterinarian to be groomed is important. Your dog will be bathed, brushed and have their hair trimmed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and have other grooming services performed. Your dog needs to have these services from time to time to ensure their skin and fur are healthy, in addition to their eyes, ears, and nails. 

3. Teeth Cleaning

Just as with grooming, you can brush your dog's teeth at home, but they are going to need a deeper clean that the veterinarian can offer to give your dog healthy teeth and gums. The vet will also inspect your dog's teeth and make sure they don't have any issues such as gum disease or tooth decay. The veterinarian will also look for issues in the gums and teeth that may require the teeth to be pulled, especially if they are infected or causing other issues with your dog's health.

These are just a few of the services offered by your veterinarian that should be used. You should take your dog to the veterinarian every year for a routine checkup and for a thorough examination to ensure your dog is healthy. If you haven't taken your dog to the veterinarian for a while, it's time to make an appointment. Take good care of your dog by getting them the proper care by a medical professional. Look for a veterinarian near you. 


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